Tuesday, 14 January 2014

ANIMATION SHOWREEL 1st semester at Falmouth University 2013/2014

I am so pleased to finish this! Here is my showreel for the animation work I have done during the first semester at Falmouth University on the Animation and Visual Effects course, it contains both 2D Flash and 3D Maya animations. Watching it I can really see how I have improved over the term and how much I have learnt.
Of all my animations thus far, I am most pleased with the 'pick up' in Maya and also the Maya ball with character. This is because they were both technically challenging to animate. I'd also like to produce some more artistic 2D flash animations next semester, as well as continuing to learn how to use Maya.

Animating in Maya using constraints

It was pretty difficult to figure out how to do this animation and I ended up doing many different versions due to this. In order for the ball to 'stick' to the character's hand when he picks it up you have to constrain it to the hand and then every time the character let go of the ball I had to change all the settings. It got quite confusing at some points and I'm really happy I managed to complete the animation in the end. Once I had figured out the technical aspects it was quite fun to add extra quirks to the character to try and give him some more personality.

Character Posing in Maya

 For my showreel I've done four character poses using a pre-rigged character in Maya. I focused on silhouettes in particular as you should be able to tell the emotion of the character just by the silhouette. I think the last pose shown here is the most effective as it has a strong line of movement and good facial expression.