Monday, 24 February 2014

Juggling balls

Second assignment for Motion studies - animate some juggling balls. I liked doing this animation as I'd tried to learn to juggle when I was younger and so was familiar with how the balls are supposed to be moved. I need to improve the arc of the balls and to make it more natural though.
It was tricky making sure none of the balls 'collided' as this looked like the balls were hitting and changing colours when I played the animation back. One of the requirements of the brief was that the animation had to loop and run smoothly in a cycle; I think I accomplished this quite well :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Trying traditional animation: Hammer Throw

One of my first attempts at traditional animation using a lightbox. The animation could use a lot of improvement but I'm still quite proud of it. I need to change the anticipation lean-back as I got a bit confused with all the sheets of paper at this point and it doesn't run very smoothly. I should probably also add some more frames to slow down the whole animation as it plays very fast.
I like working with traditional methods, as I am most used to drawing on paper and am not as confident drawing using a tablet on a computer. Animating using a lightbox means I can work quicker and rougher, although it may just be the novelty factor that means I enjoy it at the moment!
We have been introduced to a new experimental animation project this week which means I can do some really experimental work using the lightbox, so I'm excited about that.

I also did the hammer-throwing animation exercise in Flash and included some extra scenes:

In this piece I am most pleased with the guy getting hit by the hammer. It's not perfect but I spent a lot of time trying to work out how someone would react, and made several attempts that looked entirely unnatural.

UPDATE (20/02/2014):

After a feedback session, I added some improvements to the Flash version as suggested by the tutor. This meant adding a few extra frames:

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Environment Project MAYA

For the new semester we have started a new project in Maya which I am super excited about. It involves creating an environment using Maya. I feel that I am lacking in environment skills so I am really interested in this project and learning the most out of it.
We started by learning about the camera in Maya:

Each scene is the same just viewed through a different camera focal length

Zoo Troop and the Lost Treasure ANIMATIC

This was my first animatic. I struggled a lot with timing and sounds, but I learnt a lot from these difficulties. It's strange that I felt pretty confident doing storyboards and visualizing how a scene works but I couldn't get my head around timing in the animatic for ages. It was created using the storyboard I previously did for the same story (you can see this storyboard here). I was lucky enough to have Peter Kimball-Evans to do the voice over for the animatic, you can see his blog here.
I used a combination of Flash and Adobe Premiere to create the animatic.

E4 Sting Project

This was an interesting project as we had to swap our work after one week and give it to someone else to complete. We weren't told that this would be the case, just that we had two weeks and that we should spend the first week creating an animatic and designs.
Honestly, I found it difficult to come up with a concept that fit E4's style but once I had I was pretty excited to practise walk cycles. However, as we unexpectedly had to swap I ended up trying something completely different.
Above is the animatic I did in the first week. The idea was to appeal to an audience that watches programmes like Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Next I was given this animatic by Chris Lewin
He had planned to make his using Maya, but unfortunately I am not as skilled as he is so I chose to make it using mostly Flash, although I utilised his first scene.

Here's the completed sting. Not my best work but I learnt how to draw dinosaurs at least. I've realised that I really like focussing on the art style, so I enjoyed creating the living room scene. I want to become better at landscapes though. Overall, this was a pretty interesting project with plenty of challenges.

Sketchbook hand in

Part of the first semester hand-in was a portfolio of sketchbook work done during the first term. Below are a couple of examples of what I handed in, and which I have not previously uploaded to this blog. This term I want to draw a lot more, and perhaps work towards designing and painting a new set of Russian Dolls. 

Faces study
Series of self portrait sketches

Reference sketches for 'Zoo Troop and the Lost Treasure' storyboard, also
preliminary sketch for Jaguar painting (below)

Acrylic painting of an EType Jaguar

Wildlife designs
Cello player reference sketches

Scale project